Video Production

We are a professional photography and cinematography studio specialising in commercial and advertising imagery. We are passionate about providing our clients with the quality images that they need to communicate their own marketing messages in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We work closely with our clients to plan how we capture the best possible images for them to use across all their publication platforms. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations.

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Branded Videos
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Video Strategy

A good video is easily available these days, but not every good video hits the right spot. So to hit the right spot with you need a well devised video strategy. Our video strategy is about understanding what engages your audience; creating content that works, and finding ways to improve upon what you already have. Simple and cost effective marketing solutions is the goal of our video strategy. An effective video only works with an effective strategy. We devise a bespoke strategy for your video, ensuring that the right message is delivered to your target audience, on time, every time.

Branded Video / Social Video

As more and more marketers are seeing the potential of video content for building brands, a new approach for brands is video content marketing, which people are more likely to voluntarily seek out and consume. Newsletters and blogs have long been ways for brands to increase engagement with customers, and now the brands are turning to online video to make a better impact. This presents a major shift in the way brands use video: to tell inspirational, educational or entertaining stories as the main aim, with selling as an indirect, secondary goal. Every such branded content will spread the brand’s values while keeping the audience interested in the story. It’s win-win for brand and the audience as both parties find some take-aways. We are a full service video production company focused on creating high-quality branded content for advertisers, brands and corporate clients.


Everyone remembers a great commercial. We make them. Our expert team of creatives and our in-house production team are ready to connect you with your audience. Our priority is to produce work that delivers your key messages effectively. We do this by establishing an immediate working relationship with our clients: we work with you as the project builds to ensure the end result is something that will make people sit up and pay attention.

Corporate Video

There is an ever increasing demand for visual content in building a brand and its marketing. This is where Visual Entity video production steps in to help you. Corporate video has the potential to elevate your brand value and business to a whole new level. A well crafted corporate video can bring your product and brand to life, resulting in an immediate bonding with your audience. Now tell us about your business and leave the video production to us. We will present you with a simple and crisp visualization of your brand in a corporate video made possible by our team of experts.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are the most persuasive and dynamic forms of social proof to capture your clients delight and use it as great marketing tool to woo new customers.Customers always wants to hear from their peers and they are a huge factor when it comes to buying decisions. If you are not harnessing the power of testimonial videos you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have current customers help you sell to prospects.

Product video

Product video is a great tool to entice your audience into becoming customers. By answering most of the questions audience may have about the product, your video serves the purpose of a one to one executive. No better and effective way to connect with your target audience. Only a professionally crafted video can make the desired impact, by highlighting the features of your product and the pain points it will address. You guys keep up your good work and leave the video production to us.Simply drop us an email, let’s discuss the best way forward.

Advertising Photography

We believe photography is the most important aspect of a high impact advertising campaign. It is the image which will first attract a viewer. It is the visual image they will remember.Advertising photography demands professional photographers who can create visual imagery that promotes a brand, and helps to send a clear sales message. We can handle the entire advertising campaign project, from design brief to post production.

Sports, adventure, lifestyle photography/Films

We pride ourselves on capturing images/videos that not only capture the action, but also convey the sense of emotion, atmosphere and tension of the sport.we shoot outdoor adventure, martial arts,active recreational lifestyle and sports editorial with a commercial touch.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial video adds a unique refreshing perspective to videos, a greater visual impact and noticeably memorable production value with unique unseen angles. Aerial video is an excellent opportunity to stand out from among the crowd as well as the competition. On top of this, it provides a remarkable chance to showcase the advantage of your location, access, as well as surrounding features from angles not available in the past.Aerial videos can be used in variety of production scenarios.